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The Future Works Here, at BayOne

BayOne is a minority-owned Talent Solutions Partner based in the Bay Area. We have a passion for diversity in the Tech Industry. We help companies to solve their talent gap by providing qualified experts on-demand, training their legacy workforce on future technologies, and automating their business processes. How can large companies compete like startups? Across industries, companies are now finding themselves in the “tech” business – From Banking to Fintech, Retail to e-Commerce, and Healthcare to Health-tech. BayOne helps companies with their transformation journey into tech companies. Whether moving to the “future of work” by providing qualified experts on demand, Training their legacy workforce on future technologies, or automating their business processes…BayOne is a unique partner for our clients’ success! We help companies build teams. We specialize in the following domains: Project & Program Management, Cloud Computing & IT Infrastructure Management, Big Data Services, Software & Quality Engineering, User Experience Design. We help client teams scale up quickly through our deep pools of talent. BayOne screens each candidate, so you don’t have to spend time interviewing the wrong people. Consultants stay longer because of our comprehensive employee 360 program, and we are committed to improving our clients’ diversity of talent. We are metrics-driven, so results are assured. The Future works here, at BayOne.