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Setting Fitness Goals

In fitness as in life, we need tangible goals to work towards. Whether it’s a milestone representing a concrete weight loss or step-count from activities around the house, having a fixed goalpost helps tremendously. In this Throughline chat with Neha Malhotra, our guests talk about the importance of fitness-specific goal-setting.

Moving Career Roles

If you’re in a job that’s not taking you in the direction of your dream career, then you’re stagnating. In this #ThroughlineThursdays snippet, Sharon Kwak, the Chief of Staff at Braintree tells us why we must take assess our career goals from time to time and take definitive steps forward to achieve our truest ambitions.

Bouncing back from career lows

Life throws everyone a curveball at one point in time or another. But playing that curveball and coming out stronger is what makes all the difference in life. Bhupesh Bajaj, CTO at Glide Health shares his experiences with navigating career-lows.

Reinventing for 2021

We’re excited to share feedback from previous webinar guests to take a look back at 2020 and look forward to the new year in 2021, what that means on a personal and professional level. Join us for reflection and inspiration! Our guests share thier thoughts on these two questions: How do you think 2020 changed the future of work? How are you reinventing yourself for working in 2021 and beyond? Every career journey is unique, and there is so much we can learn from a frank conversation with a leader.

Starting a Company in Your 40s

Starting a business at any age is challenging. But there are certain benefits associated with startup up at later stage, after acquiring a certain subject matter expertise and experience. In this #TechTalkTuesdays chat with Kate Stillwell, the founder & CEO of Jumpstart Insurance speaks about her experiences as an older founder.

Building meaningful professional relationships

Networking is a make-or-break skill in the modern age. However, in order to make a lasting impact, you must be interested in striking meaningful professional relationships that add value. In this #ThroughlineThursdays video, Varsha Tanwar speaks about the art of networking with a clear foresight..

Enlisting mentors, coaches, and advocates in your career journey.

Behind every successful woman is a small army of mentors, coaches, and advocates who rally to her strengths and help her achieve her true potential. But how can you work towards rallying this support in their professional network? In this clip, Varsha Tanwar, the Chief of Staff at Cisco shares some tips useful in mindful networking for professional success..

How can women get a seat at the table?

Getting noticed as a professional and gaining credibility in the workplace are not easy feats to accomplish as a woman. In this #ThroughlineThursdays webinar with Neha Malhotra, our host Varsha Kanwar, the Chief of Staff for CX Engineering and Product Incubation talks about what women can do to get a seat at the table..

Evolution of UI and Front-end Engineering

This session of BayOne’s online tech bootcamp provides a thorough introduction to UI and the evolution of basic Front-end Engineering concepts. It covers the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and touches upon concepts like Responsive Web Design, Programming Frameworks, React, Bootstrap, and Node.JS. In the end, a few audience questions are also answered and guidance is given on how to approach UI related questions in a technical interview..

Impact of the pandemic on Supplier Diversity Programs

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on companies and individuals alike. While certain minority businesses have been wiped out completely, other suppliers have taken this opportunity to pivot and create new efficiencies. In this snippet, Bryan Wiggins, Program Manager for Supplier Diversity Programs at Cisco speaks about the impact of the pandemic on Supplier Diversity Programs.

Building a diverse workforce

In this #TechTalkTuesdays snippet, Bryan Wiggins, Program manager for Supplier Diversity at Cisco speaks about the importance of workforce diversity at individual companies.

Communicating a differentiable value proposition

Over-extending the ‘diversity’ status is not always a sure-shot way to win business. Diverse suppliers have to work on identifying and communicating their differentiable value proposition to make a lasting impression. In this #TechTalkTuesdays clip, Bryan Wiggins, Program Manager for Supplier Diversity at Cisco speaks about the importance of developing defensible differentiators in order to succeed.

Overcoming demographic stereotypes

Demographic profiling can prove to be a hindrance in the pursuit of certain careers. But there will always be passionate individuals who leap beyond these boundaries to make a solid impact. In this #TechTalkTuesdays snippet, Bryan Wiggins, the Program Manager at Cisco speaks about his personal experience with overcoming stereotypes in his career.

Experimenting with success

Prince Arora, the Director of Product Management at Albertsons/Safeway talks to the webinar panel about his ‘scientific approach’ to success and failure in this #ThroughlineThursdays clip.

Finding friends who stick

Looking for true friends? They’re the people who stick around and help you out when you’re at your lowest point. They make your small successes seem more triumphant and your failures appear bearable. Keep them close, cherish them above all else, and don’t bother with the opinions of the rest. In this snippet, the renowned author and panelist on this #ThroughlineThursdays webinar, Gaurav Rastogi, talks about the value of true friendships in your life journey.

Getting over the fear of failure

Fear of failure is effectively fear of ridicule and humiliation of our extended peer-group. ‘What will people say’ is a voice in our head that gets the better of us, more often than not. But, other people’s opinion of our professional success and failure must not guide our actions, because nobody really dwells on our mistakes as much as we do.

Watch this interesting discussion between members of our webinar panel as they discuss the psychology of failure and how you can get over it.

Learning from Failure

Have you taken an audacious risk in your life, bitten off more that you can possibly chew, failed miserably and lived to tell the tale? If you’re lucky, these early failures can set you up for astonishing success in the future. The story of our founder at BayOne, Rahul Sharma, is equal parts interesting and inspiring. Tune in to this snippet to hear this roller-coaster of a startup tale, punctuated with instances of flamboyance, failure and tremendous learning.

Letting go of the Past

The past is no place for your current thoughts. In order to truly succeed in newer and comparatively more challenging scenarios, cast aside the weight of your prior victories. Refrain from leaning on your past glory and look to the future to create something new. In this snippet, author and career reinvention coach Gaurav Rastogi tells our distinguished panel why it’s important to steer clear of living in the shadow of our past successes and failures.

Staying optimistic after a setback

Accepting your failure and taking stock of your mistakes and shortfalls is a crucial part of the recovery process and preparation for the next endeavour. Evaluate the reasons behind your failure, and strategize on an improvement plan in areas where you have fallen short. Being critical at this stage can save you many future blushes!

Watch this interesting snippet with our distinguished panel …

System Design Interview Tips– BayOne Technical Bootcamp

System Design has been of great interest to software developers over the past few years, primarily because a lot of technical interviews have started focusing in this area. These interviews tend to be very open-ended and conversational, and the interviewers are judging the candidate based on their technical skills, including curiosity and logical understanding of the presented problem. The candidate is given an example of a popular system and asked to brainstorm a design….

Announcing your lay off to your network

Being laid-off is not a pleasant life experience to share with peers. It’s natural to feel a tinge of shame and guilt as you announce this to your network, but for you’re own sake, you must overcome this feeling as quickly as possible. Own the narrative, be honest about your professional situation, and ask for help from those you trust and respect.

In this clip, Keisha Stephens, the Contingent…

Tips for Job seekers

Assessing a career opportunity is a two-way street. Before you accept an offer from the company, you should evaluate the company goals & the work culture and see how they align with your personal and professional goals. This exercise will prevent expectation mismatch in the future and help you find fulfillment in the workplace.

Keisha Stephen, the Contingent Workforce Director for Splunk…

Advice for professionals evaluating their career

Evaluating your career and taking stock of your goals and growth should be an annual exercise. Whether you’re happy in your current role or looking for greener pastures, you must look back at your career accomplishments and assess the path you’re on to make realistic plans for the future. Keisha Stephen, the Contingent Workforce Director for Splunk, talks to our #ThroughlineThursdays host Christopher Swinton about the importance of periodically evaluating your career.

Asking your network for help in the job-hunt

Losing your job and getting fired is not a unique event; it happens to the best of us. As you embark on the job hunt and look for interesting roles and opportunities, don’t shy away from asking your network for help. Reach out to the peers you know well and ask them to circulate your resume in their circles and make a few introductions. You may be pleasantly surprised at the number of folks who actually step forward to help. Keisha Stephens, the Contingent Workforce Director for Splunk, shares her lay-off story with our #ThroughlineThursdays host …

Treating the pandemic as a blip in your career

If you’ve been laid-off during the pandemic, you’re not alone. Over 20 million people in the US have lost their jobs as a result of this once-in-a-century event. While it’s natural to feel dejected and dismayed, it’s not something you should beat yourself up about. Use the lay-off as the kick-off to something better, something you haven’t explored in the past. This lay-off is nothing more than a blip in your career and you should treat it as such. Keisha Stephen, the Contingent Workforce Director for Splunk, shares her lay-off story with our #ThroughlineThursdays host …

Making the right career move

You can’t move forward if you’re standing still. If you’ve gotten too comfortable in your current career role, it may be time for you to make a change, to shake things up, and seek new learning. In this snippet from our #ThroughlineThursday webinar, the Director for CCB Diversity and Inclusion at JPMorgan Chase- Kristin Coleman talks about the importance of seeking new experiences to grow meaningfully in your career.

Breaking out of the comfort zone

Challenging the status quo is never easy, but it is the need of the hour. People in leadership roles at large multinationals have to break out of their comfort zones and have uncomfortable conversations to create safe spaces in the workplace. Watch this snippet from our #ThroughlineThursday webinar to hear Kristin Coleman, the Director for CCB Diversity and Inclusion at JPMorgan Chase talk the importance of encouraging difficult dialogue in the workplace.

Addressing biases in recruiting

If you have a brain, you’re biased. No matter which cultural or demographic cohort you belong to there is always room to grow. Hiring managers in large organizations have to be willing to constantly check their biases and plug their blind spots to create an incrementally inclusive work environment. Watch this snippet from our #ThroughlineThursday webinar to hear Kristin Coleman, the Director for CCB Diversity and Inclusion at JPMorgan Chase talk about progressive ways of tackling biases in recruiting.

Learning a new Language as a Team

Whether it is the language of digital transformation, or the language of diversity, driving change across large teams can be very complex. Especially in companies that have been around awhile, people across the organizational hierarchy are more or less set in their ways. Leaders must facilitate integration across diverse teams with a lot of skill and tact. In this snippet, our webinar guest Kristin Coleman, Executive Director for CCB Diversity & Inclusion at JPMorgan Chase talks about how the company is learning the language of diversity.

How can companies hire diverse talent?

Unconscious bias in society and in the workplace is real. It manifests itself in the garb of lack of the ‘right look’ or ‘right education’ at the time of hiring and appraisals, limiting ‘equal opportunity’ to the status of a mere catchphrase in the company policy. Organizations need to do more to ensure that women and minorities get a seat at the table. The fruits of the technological revolution must be equitably distributed among all sections of society. In this snippet from our #ThroughlineThursday webinar, we speak about on-the-ground initiatives large companies need to undertake to become more inclusive.

Cultural bias in the workplace

The cultural bias in the tech industry has gotten amplified over the years. Widely accepted #hiring practices deliberately leave out qualified candidates from under-represented groups and minorities in favor of hiring safe choices. How can recruiters in the #techindustry fix the leaky pipeline? What are the best practices hiring managers can adopt?

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Do you feel like you don’t deserve the job you’ve landed? Like one day you’ll be discovered as a fraud, and ousted in front of your colleagues, in spite of everything you’ve achieved? Well, rest assured, you’re not alone. Watch this snippet from our #ThroughlineThursdays webinar with Christopher Swinton, Manager of MSP Programs at BayOne, who recounts his own experiences overcoming the impostor syndrome.

What is Impostor Syndrome?

Approximately, 58% of workers in tech suffer from the ‘imposter syndrome’- the nagging fear that we all feel from time to time that we’re just not good enough. In this snippet, from #ThroughlineThursday webinar with our host Neha Malhotra, we speak about the imposter syndrome with Christopher Swinton, MSHRM, Manager MSP Programs at BayOne.

Evaluating a startup job offer

Receiving a job offer from a promising upstart is an amazing feeling. But is the offer good enough for you to take the plunge? How should you read between the lines and gauge what’s real and what’s fluff in the offer? In this #TechTalkTuesday snippet of our chat with Sunil Phatak-the Director of Executive Recruiting at Coupang, speaks about the nuances of evaluating a startup job offer and making a career decision.

Acing the startup interview

Passing up on your dream job is an uneasy feeling to live with. But life’s all about playing the shots you can and moving past those you can’t. Easier said than done? In this #TechTalkTuesdays chat, Sunil Phatak- the Director, Executive Recruiting at Coupang- the fastest growing ecommerce startup talks about the hits and misses from his own career and the art of moving on.

Managing regeret

Passing up on your dream job is an uneasy feeling to live with. But life’s all about playing the shots you can and moving past those you can’t. Easier said than done? In this #TechTalkTuesdays chat, Sunil Phatak- the Director, Executive Recruiting at Coupang- the fastest growing ecommerce startup talks about the hits and misses from his own career and the art of moving on.

Risk-reward trade-off of joining a startup

Taking up a job at a startup has a certain risk component attached to it. It may include compromising on a better paycheck at a stable job, forgoing certain lifestyle expenses, even relocating to be at the center of all the action. Is joining a startup a career choice you can afford right now? In this #TechTalkTuesdays chat, our guest Sunil Phatak- the Director, Executive Recruiting at Coupang tells us how to evaluate the odds.

Pros and cons of working for a startup

Thinking of joining a startup? Think again. Aside from all the glamour and fame, a role at a startup involves some pretty serious ‘roll up your sleeves’ grunt work. The hours are long, the work is unstructured and the struggle is pretty real, but your efforts will be rewarded, if you stay committed to the vision. In this #TechTalkTuesdays chat, our host Hanita Chalabi quizzes Sunil Phatak- the Director, Executive Recruiting at Coupang- the fastest growing eCommerce startup about the pros and cons of working for a startup.

Bouncing back after being laid off

The Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing economic crisis has claimed many jobs. But every dark cloud has a silver lining, every adversity presents new, previously unforeseen opportunities. The key to survival is acquiring new skills, sharing new experiences and exploring avenues in new industries that are booming. Keep an open mind and forge forward.

In this #ThroughlineThursday conversation with host Neha Malhotra, our guest Sunita Sharma, Director of Software Development, Oracle tells us how we to build ourselves up after being laid-off..

Leveling up your career

Leveling up your skill set is a stepping stone to level up your career. Take stock of your existing capabilities and what you would like them to be. Actively plan and take progressive steps to bridge the gap. Read, take online courses and involve yourself in myriad project to improve your knowledge base. This constant reinvention will equip you to be in a position to grasp opportunities when they present themselves. In this #ThroughlineThursday conversation with host Neha Malhotra, our guest Sunita Sharma, Director of Software Development, Oracle tells us how professionals can level up their career.

Gaining visibility in the workplace

Got something to say in a team meeting? Don’t let fear hold you back. Expressing your viewpoints and asking relevant questions can accelerate your visibility in the workplace. In this #ThroughlineThursday coversation with host Neha Malhotra, our guest Sunita Sharma, Director of Software Development, Oracle tells us why it’s important for women to speak up.

Recovering from a career low.

Everybody dreams of a fulfilling career punctuated with growth opportunities. But periods of high growth and learning may, at times, be followed by lows. If you’ve experienced a setback, dust yourself off and get back in the game. If you’re seeking an extraordinary learning curve be willing to reach out to people for help and lessons from their experience. In this #ThroughlineThursday conversation with host Neha Malhotra, our guest Sunita Sharma, Director of Software Development, Oracle tells us how we to bounce back from career lows.

Seeking Mentors

Whether you formally enlist a mentor to take you under their wing, or gather support from encouraging bosses or reporting managers, finding people who can handhold you in your career journey is priceless. Influential mentors can have a lasting impact on your professional growth and can open doors that lead to career-shaping opportunities. In this #ThroughlineThursday with Sunita Sharma, Director of Software Development, Oracle shares anecdotes from her career journey and the importance of seeking mentors in the workplace.

Reducing Stress

Tune in to this insightful snippet about Zoom and Doom in the workroom with author and motivational coach with Gaurav Rastogi to learn how you can reduce stress in your daily schedule.

Forging connections online

Connection is core to us as a social species. We crave interaction, banter, empathy and a shared human experience with those around us. Sadly, this exchange has been muted in the face of the pandemic and our work-from-home species is struggling to establish connection over patchy Zoom calls. What’s the cure? How can we overcome this harsh life experience? Watch this snippet from our #TechTalkTuesdays webinar with author and meditation coach- Gaurav Rastogi, who asserts the importance of making and maintaining genuine human connection in these unprecedented times.

Doom Scrolling

Bad news is an addictive product being served to us repeatedly over social media platforms. The more you lean in and consume despair and distress, the more algorithms find a way to dish out more painful content. Result? We find ourselves trapped in a vicious cycle of sadness and helplessness that is spiraling out of control and leading to a whole host of mental health problems. In this snippet of #TechTalkTuesdays with Gaurav Rastogi, the renowned author and meditation coach tells up how to break the loop of doom scrolling and outrage hacking to keep ourselves sane in these unprecedented times.

How is chronic fatigue affecting you?

Are you tired all the time? Well, chronic fatigue and is a post-pandemic reality for most professionals working from home along with insomnia, forgetfulness and impaired concentration. Tune in to this insightful snippet about Zoom and Doom in the workroom with author and motivational coach with Gaurav Rastogi to learn how you can deal with chronic fatigue in these unprecedented times.

Has the ‘UX mindset’ come of age?

Abhijit Thosar has worn many hats in his lifetime. Before dabbling in multiple design roles that led him to spearhead the product strategy and design vertical at VMWare, Abhijit had a successful strategy consulting stint at Cognizant. So what urged him to make the career switch? Tune in to this edition of #TechTalk Tuesdays to hear Abhijit talk about his professional trials and tribulations in the backdrop of the evolving design industry with our host Neha Malhotra.

The importance of networking

The importance of networking in professional success cannot be undermined. But how can you leverage the true potential of the social skill if you’re not an extrovert? Abhijit Thosar, Product Strategy and Design Leader at VMWare, speaks about the art of nurturing the weak links in your professional network with our host Neha Malhotra.

How will the design landscape change in the next 5 years?

Bullish on design? You’re not the only one. Abhijit Thosar, Product Strategy and Design Leader at VMWare believes that the design voice will not only be amplified in the organizational structure going forward, it will play a central role in shaping product strategy. Catch this conversation between our host Neha Malhotra and Abhijit Thosar, Product Strategy and Design Leader at VMWare, as they discuss the future of design in the next five years.

What are recruiters looking for while interviewing designers?

Interviewing for a UX designer’s role? Make sure you have a solid use case in your portfolio that illuminates your design thought-process. Use the portfolio to demonstrate your problem solving, collaboration, and critical thinking skills. Omid Jesmi, UX manager at Capgemini sheds some light on the hiring process at design firms in this candid chat with our #TechTalk Tuesdays host, Hanita Chalabi.

Advice for professionals preparing for a design interview

If Preparing for a design interview? Here are a few pro-tips:

  1. Research the company culture and core-values on Glassdoor.
  2. Take a few practice tests for the live problem-solving design test. (Look for whiteboard questions online.)
  3. Ask compelling questions to the panel post-interview.

Watch this edition of TechTalk Tuesdays with our host, Hanita Chalabi featuring Omid Jesmi who shares a few tricks to ‘Ace the design interview’.

The importance of continuous learning

Looking back at an illustrious career in design, Omid Jesmi highlights the importance of pursuing a continuous learning curve. Read books, learn from your peers, sign up for courses and scour the internet for new information- that’s the key to staying ahead in the field of design.

Overcoming career uncertainties

Nowadays, UX is not an add-on in the business strategy, it is a culture. However, this wasn’t always the case. Laying the groundwork for the emerging industry took significant time and effort. Omid Jesmi, UX Manager at Capgemini recounts experiences and challenges encountered in the early stages of establishing the design process..

Growing a UX career

If you fail to plan, you’re planning for failure’. Having a career plan, setting concrete milestones, and charting the path for achieving those goals are critical ingredients of long-term career success. Plan for the day, week, month, year, and the upcoming decade if you really wish to scale phenomenal professional heights. Watch Omid Jesmi- UX Manager at Capgemini discuss the importance of meticulous career planning with our host Hanita Chalabi on this segment of #TechtalkTuesdays.

What tools should designers be learning today?

Keynotes, Powerpoint, Omnigraph, Sketch, or Figma? If you’re starting out as a UX designer, which tools should you aim to master? Omid Jesmi – UX manager at Capgemini, believes that tools are secondary to the skillset; to become an exemplary UX designer, you must understand the core principles of design, practice the basics and hone your vision day after day. Tune in to this interesting excerpt between Omid and our host Hanita Chalabi to get a sneak peek into the underlying requisites of the design workplace on this segment of #TechtalkTuesdays.

Finding the right mentor.

Finding the right mentor can help you unravel potential previously hidden from your own eyes. On this edition of Throughline Thursdays, Lisa Buchanan, Director of Operations and Chief of Staff, eBay, and Neha Malhotra (she/her) share notes on the importance of finding good mentors throughout your career journey and helping them help you succeed.

How to approach risk taking in your professional journey?

Some failure is inevitable, but it is better to try and fail than to not try at all. Join us with Lisa Buchanan, Director of Operations and Chief of Staff, eBay, as she talks about the risks she took in her career and how they panned out for her.

Diversity is not a PR Crisis!

As part of our BayOne #TechtalkTuesdays, we discuss with diversity champion Henry Childs II, BayOne’s Advisor, our host Hanita Chalabi, and author and reinvention coach Gaurav Rastogi about diversity in tech firms, the need for Diversity and Inclusion to be higher on the list of organizational priorities, and the questions organizations need to ask themselves right now.

What’s really behind the issue of Diversity in Tech

As part of our BayOne #TechtalkTuesdays, we discuss with diversity champion Henry Childs II, BayOne’s Advisor, our host Hanita Chalabi, and author and reinvention coach Gaurav Rastogi about the issues that firms face with implementing a diverse workforce including inability to find the right talent and the issue with incremental growth.