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BayOne Partners with Women of Work to Support and Empower “Return to Work” Jobseekers

BayOne Partners with Women of Work to Support and Empower “Return to Work” Jobseekers

BayOne Partners with Women of Work to Support and Empower “Return to Work” Jobseekers

As an extension of Make Tech Purple and a commitment to increasing the number of women in tech, BayOne is supporting WoW (Women of Work), a program from ClubVMSA. BayOne’s move to partner with Women of Work parallels our overall objectives of promoting opportunities for women in tech and bridging the gender gap in the tech workforce. 

Two BayOners – Neha Malhotra, Head of Recruiting, and Richa Gupta, Assistant Vice President of MSP Sales – are volunteering at WOW’s upcoming event. The free virtual event, scheduled for October 19th, aims to offer attendees insights into how to succeed in their careers. Neha will specifically address one of the Return-to-Work sessions on the key topic, “Do I need a resume, and how is it different from my LinkedIn profile?”

BayOne and WOW: An Alignment of Goals and Values 

BayOne sees a definite appeal in WoW’s purpose to “help and empower women.” As a partner of ClubVMSA, BayOne is excited to partner with their WoW program as an extension of the Make Tech Purple initiative. WoW is establishing a community that empowers women across the tech sector by helping them find their first job and/or return to work after a short or extended break.

BayOne has spent the last four years focusing on improving gender diversity within the company. We take pride in saying that we currently have 46% women in our workforce, as compared to the industry average of 25% to 26%, and we pledge to create one million opportunities for women in five years. 

On a personal level, Neha Malhotra, Head of Recruiting, said she felt a “natural attraction” to the initiative. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Neha looks forward to driving a positive impact on WoW’s goals through her involvement. 

Richa Gupta recently addressed a panel discussion for the Western Regional Minority Supplier Development Council (WRMSDC) and will support WoW behind the scenes. 

BayOne & WoW’s Return to Work initiative – What Can Jobseekers Expect? 

So what insights can women who are planning a return to work expect from Neha’s session at the WOW event? Neha says, “LinkedIn is critical. Hiring managers are keen to understand and assess candidates based on what they put up on social media. Your LinkedIn profile, as a result, needs to be curated.” She adds some tips: “Follow people you admire. Additionally, your resume and LinkedIn should resonate with each other.” She will expand on how to curate your LinkedIn profile in her WoW session. Neha will also cover the finer details of profile building, including phrasing and buzzwords that are crucial to winning resumes in an age where application tracking systems read resumes before a human gets to them. 

Other Return-to-Work-themed sessions will cover winning at salary negotiations, building a network, and how your social media profile impacts future employment. There will also be discussions about making a good first impression, titled dos and don’ts for applying for a job online, and other useful topics like tips and strategies around preparing for an interview after a career break. 

In these WoW working sessions, attendees will hear from one another and share their needs concerning help, advice, and direction. The upcoming event has conveniently timed sessions for both Eastern and Pacific time zones – WoW is keen to attract women across the tech space, including women looking for their first job and those looking to return, and enterprise volunteers. 

Neha explains, “Women can sometimes be self-limiting; we can be shy. We might not reach out to mentors because we fear rejection or negative judgment. This is a no-judgment zone where prolific women are helping out.” 

There’s a Lot to Gain from Women In Tech

If you’re a woman looking for your first job in tech, returning to work after a break, or needing a career boost, sign up for the free virtual working session to gain insight on how to achieve your career goals. 

This is just one among many endeavours that BayOne undertakes to promote women in tech. In addition to supporting initiatives such as WoW, BayOne independently hosts Make Tech Purple upskilling opportunities, mentoring opportunities, and events, to empower women in tech.