A Trusted Partner to Managed Services Providers.

Better conversion rates with intelligent screening & time saving low latency response.
Improved retention with Employee 360 program.
Commitment to improve diversity.
Strategic partners to our MSP providers, regularly sharing market insights.
Compliance ready and highly process driven partner to MSP programs.

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Why Hire Team BayOne?

Hot Skills on Demand

BayOne nurtures deep pools of talent and invest in scalability through process automation with Automation Anywhere.

Gain scalable access to fast-evolving skills. The half-life of technology skills is five years. Having scalable access to fast-evolving skills is a competitive advantage. Team BayOne stays ahead of the technology cycles, so your business can access the latest skills on demand.


Quality Candidates

Hiring poorer quality engineers is an expensive way to save money. BayOne is competitve in pricing, and BayOne’s business model gives clients a “better engineer for your dollar” by cutting out unnecessary management overhead.

Low Latency Response

Get better response times. BayOne has succeeded in serving our partners’ hunger for a scalable, low latency team by nurturing deep talent pools. We have a rigorous screening and evaluation process, and we value referrals, contributions to tech forums, and client recommendations.


Metrics Driven

Improve your result metrics. BayOne uses an internal analytics platform and analytics scorecards to maintain a high level of process discipline and consistency of outcomes for our partners.

Employee 360

BayOne has a 360° engagement process, which allows us to listen to every consultant's concerns and aspirations.
Happy consultants = more code ships.

Employee Onboarding with ramp-up training, badging, & access. Employee Success with upskilling, check-ins, and workshops. Talent Pool Engagement for always engaged consultants.


Compliance is a top priority to us to protect you and your clients. BayOne is:

100% compliant with program engagement rules.
100% compliant on data privacy and confidentiality
100% insurance compliance.

Commitment to Improve Diversity

A company might garner attention through its product, but it sustains success through its people, Thus, the more diverse this people pool, the more the company succeeds, BayOne conducts internal and external programs to promote diversity, including public programs to level up underrepresented demographics.

A gender diverse workforce can create more products and services, is 15% more likely to outperform companies that aren't gender diverse & can deliver better returns with lower volatility.
A holistic workforce = a thriving company!



Strategic Partner Recognition
YOH / SONY 2021
Diversity Award
Pontoon / Cisco 2020
Premier Partner Recognition
Workforce Logiq / Expedia 2020
Best Upcoming Vendor
Yoh/Sony 2019

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