Every company is a tech company

Companies across industries are finding themselves in the "tech" business, and the pace of technology adoption has continued to accelerate. BayOne has been part of such transformation journeys since our start in 2012. The future of work requires an ability to move fast, absorb new skills, and automate whenever possible

Compete like a startup

Access to local and remote talent markets
Low latency of response to tech needs
Automate your business processes
Automate your business processes
Level-up your existing teams on future technologies
Level-up your existing teams on future technologies

Workforce Solutions

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Improve your access to tech talent

The half of life of technology skills is five years. Escalable access to fast evolving skills is a competitive advantage. Team BayOne stays ahead of the technology cycles so clients have access to the latest skills on demand

Cloud / DevOps Engineers
Site Reliability Engineers
Big Data Engineers
Screen Masters
Data Scientist
Full Stack Engineers

Why hire team BayOne?

"Better engineer for your dollar" means transparent conversation and growth path.
Cutting edge projects at large companies.
Employee benefits and work authorization transfer / support.
Committed to employee success managed through BayOne 360.
Level up your game with on going Hands-On workshops.


Commitment to Diversity

Employee 360

BayOne has a 360° engagement process, which allows us to listen to every consultant's concerns and aspirations. Happy consultants = more code ships.

Employee Onboarding with ramp-up training, badging, & access. Employee Success with upskilling, check-ins, and workshops. Talent Pool Engagement for always engaged consultants.



Commitment to diversity

BayOne helps large
companies compete
like a startup