Tips to Refresh Your LinkedIn and Resume

We’ve curated personal branding resources for updating your LinkedIn profile and your resume. Watch this Youtube playlist full of personal branding advice, LinkedIn tips, and Resume advice. And read on below for more LinkedIn profile advice and tips for keeping a technical resume on point.

Best Practices for Refreshing Your LinkedIn

Update Your LinkedIn Profile Photo

Go for a professional photo since this isn’t Tinder or Instagram. Use PhotoFeeler for feedback on it.

Keep Your Credibility Intact

Do this by regularly updating your skills, licenses, certifications, and endorsements.

Follow the Right People

Curate your network thoughtfully so it boosts your visibility. Connections with relevant people are immensely helpful.

Don’t Hesitate to Engage

Share, like, and comment on topics you are passionate about. This will increase your visibility and position you as someone who cares.

Optimize the About Me section

Add storytelling elements for engagement and keywords for search-ability. Make sure a summary of your career and expectations is coming through clearly.

Solicit Recommendations on LinkedIn

These can come from mentors, teachers, and bosses with whom you’ve worked in the past.

Talk About Things that Matter

Talk about your passions, what your ambitions are, why you have them, and what you are doing to fulfill them.

Bring in Your Multi-Dimensionality

Include volunteer work and any volunteer organizations you are associated with. Hiring managers appreciate this side of the candidate sometimes.

Best Practices for Improving Your Technical Resume

Optimize Your Resume for Application Tracking System (ATS) Bots

By adding relevant keywords because computers will read your resume before humans.

Make Your Resume Easily Readable by NOT Cramming in Keywords

It should be machine-readable and also human-readable.

Use One-Liner Bullet Points Instead of Long Paragraphs

Highlight important keywords or numbers.

Add Links to Your Social Media Profiles

LinkedIn and GitHub are especially good for development-related jobs.

Add Performance Figures in the Form of Numbers

Quantifying your achievements will increase credibility.

Read the Job Description and Match the Resume to the Job

Highlight past assignments relevant to the description

Create a Concise 2-Page Resume

Be specific to the requirements of the job you’re applying for.

Highlight Achievements and Skills in a Visible Section

Else, they are as good as lost amidst all the other information.

Include Certifications

like PMP, ScrumMaster, etc.It establishes a solid foundation for the skills you mention.

Keep it Short and Crisp

Don’t bold every other skill. Avoid too many distractions as Hiring Manager already knows what to look out for.

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