Job Posting: RF Solution Architect

Radio Frequency (RF) Solution Architect 

BayOne Solutions, Inc. is seeking a qualified professional to fill the position of RF Solution Architect based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

RF Solution Architect Responsibilities
  • Responsible for planning and conducting project kickoff meetings, defining project scope, facilitating technical/operational requirements identification, developing detailed project plans, project budget or anticipated savings, and establishing a framework for managing ongoing project activities.
  • Develop and execute team working strategies within engineering and cross-functional teams.
  • Designing complex in-building and outdoor Distributed Antenna System (DAS) solutions using design tools iBwave (for in-building) and ATOLL (for outdoor)
  • Develop Trackers to monitor various project progress parameters, deadlines, and work responsibilities.
  • Developing procedures, establishing effective communication plans, and assigning goals & milestones to appropriate project team members.
  • Preparing and analyzing the Link budget for each site.
  • Creating RF data sheets after finalizing the site design for both UMTS and LTE/5G technology.
  • Verifying and approving designs done by vendor engineers that meet criteria for in-building DAS designs.
  • Working closely with the construction engineering team for site evaluation of both indoor and outdoor sites.
  • Doing traffic capacity analysis for both voice and data and calculating the total equipment and other resources required for site launch.
  • Redesigning for power splitting for carrier adds to 850 MHz and 1900 MHz band for UMTS and overlaying 700 MHz LTE on existing DAS sites.
  • Pre-launch optimization and parameter audit of DAS systems before bringing the site commercially on air.
  • Checking site frequencies and scrambling codes for interference issues and verify Sites for FCC compliance from RF perspective.
  • Creating and verifying in-building and Macro site relations meeting layer management criteria and doing neighbor evaluation for UMTS and LTE/5G technology.
  • Performing Post-launch optimization of new launched sites using Ericsson OSS for UMTS and LTE/5G technology.
  • Analyzing drop calls and call quality for both voice and data calls and make network changes to fix call related issues.
  • Checking network related key performance indicators (KPIs) for both UMTS and LTE/5G sites.
  • Extracting statistical Data using BO (Business Objects) and Nettrack/Quantum tool for analysis and recommend site level changes to meet KPIs and satisfy quality index.
  • Defining DAS projects in Quantum – National tool for pulling statistics.
  • Monitoring performance for sport venues/stadiums during games and recommending changes if there are any issues.
New Site Provisioning
  • Involves Designing and provisioning LTE/5G new site build, including 2C/3C carrier additions; Data analysis and troubleshooting various RF parameters such as RSSI, VSWR, and Cell diversity imbalance on LTE/5G cell sectors.
  • Require Involved in Site Survey and responsible for Survey reports, including analyzing the existing Headend location, network equipment and cables, and other Network Vendors.
  • It requires different carriers of AT&T antenna and site-based data like 1C, 2C, 3C and 4C.
  • It requires applying different theories, such as propagation, cellular, and antenna theories, to choose a tower antenna.
Antenna Reconfiguration, RET Installation
  • It requires pull data for GSM/UMTS/LTE/5G for SITE/TRANSMITTER/CELL through ATOLL geo selector for data corrections and updates like Height/Azimuth/Propagation Model/Antenna Information.
  • It requires Create or Modify RFDS based on existing and proposed antenna configurations Carrier add Sites.
  • It requires work on the RFDS bulk update spreadsheet for filling required fields in different tabs like Individual and Final, which were mandatory requirements by the market.
Call Traffic Management
  • Validate and execute scripts to be run in the Base Station Controller and make changes via GUI interfaces; monitor GPRS, call Traffic, and frequency associated with the TRX’s (BTS Hardware);
  • Utilize the information provided by AT&T like FA Locations/RFDS ID/ Sites /ATOLL Name for Sites create and reassign it if required.
  • Use ATOLL output to create the site, transmitter, and cell databases.
  • It requires to work on editing data in the RFDS bulk update sheet and master update sheet as per market requirements by entering the data manually.
  • It requires work on CIQ creation and carrier add using customer inputs like RFDS, plumbing diagrams, and output from ATOLL
  • It requires working on post-processing tools like Actix to verify UMTS and LTE/5G log files for L3 event analysis (Call Drops, Call failures, and HO failures) and preparation of Walk test reports.
Implement TAC Changes on 4G LTE
  • Migrating 4G LTE eNodeBs and CISCO SIAD from the source IP to the target IP addresses respectively, Implementing TAC changes on the 4G LTE eNodeBs, validating connectivity from Cisco SIAD towards eNodeB’s (4G)/NodeB (3G /UMTS) and MSN be performing the Ping Tests, Performing KPI (Key Performance Identifier) tests, QA (Quality Audit);
  • Manage the operations of walk testing, which includes preliminary benchmark testing CW testing before using JDSU.
  • Process and analyze UMTS and LTE coverage in and around the building, providing the benchmark test report.
  • Provide coverage prediction plots for UMTS RSCP, EcNo plots, LTE RSRP, and RSRQ plots based on survey and benchmark reports using the iBwave design tool.
  • Provide RF exposure plots and, based on the plots, provide any down tilts if needed in the neighboring Macro sites.
Perform Pre/Post Health Check of the Nodes
  • Perform pre/post checks and health checks on the Nodes to determine the integrity of the network elements and address any issues that may have occurred before and/or after the provisioning process.
  • Training of new Engineers in the Wireless Network Engineering Team.
  • It requires work on Pre-Launch Activities, which include parameter Audit comparing snapshots and alarms to ensure optimum performance of the Metro cell.
  • It requires monitoring and reporting alarms to AT&T and MPC to resolve the Maintenance window if the site is set to Open Access.
  • It requires Checking Missing neighbors in UMTS and adding them both ways in between Macro and Metro.
  • Post Launch Activities include Daily monitoring of newly soft-launched venues for Voice and Data Accessibility, Retainability, and Hand over Mobility.
  • It requires recommending changes to AT&T and, upon approval, implementing them during the Maintenance window to improve the performance of Metrics to meet the target KPIs.
  • Upon the major Metrics meeting the target KPI, the RFO report will be reviewed with the market mRAN, and close out package will be sent out

Requires 25-50% national travel.  

Position requires Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Computer Science or a related field plus five (5) years of experience in a related occupation.

Salary Range: $124,989.00- $139,989.00/Year

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