Dynamic Programming

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Greedy and brute force programming strategies don’t always work correctly. Recursive approaches too may initially look promising but could take a lot of time to execute because of extreme redundancy under certain circumstances. Dynamic Programming is the answer to such problems. It enables a way to apply recursive algorithms, but without the repetition/redundancy. This Bootcamp provides an understanding of Dynamic Programming and how it can be used to creatively solve traditional programming problems.

Topics Covered:
1. Programming USING recursion
2. Memoization
3. Dynamic Programming
4. How to save data in memory
5. Different ways of coding DP
6. Top – Down Approach
7. Bottom -Up Approach / Tabulation
8. Memoization vs Tabulation

Suva Sharma
Suva Sharma
VP, Digital Transformation, BayOne Solutions
Guest Speaker:
Sandeep Ayloo
Sandeep Ayloo
Software Engineer, Thales
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