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System Design has been of great interest to software developers over the past few years, primarily because a lot of technical interviews have started focusing in this area. These interviews tend to be very open-ended and conversational, and the interviewers are judging the candidate based on their technical skills, including curiosity and logical understanding of the presented problem. The candidate is given an example of a popular system and asked to brainstorm a design. During the process, candidates are expected to ask clarifying questions and think through every component, including the data model, keeping scalability, redundancy, fault tolerance, etc. in mind. This is a video recording of the session conducted by one of our guest speakers who provides an overview of how to design such a system during a 45-60 min interview. The example used is of a popular food delivery service.

Suva Sharma
Suva Sharma
VP, Digital Transformation, BayOne Solutions
Guest Speaker:
Apurba Patra
Apurba Patra
Senior Performance Engineer, Workday
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