System Design:

Performance and Scalability

presented by BayOne

This Bootcamp recording will help you appropriately plan for performance and scalability when designing large-scale systems. It also helps candidates preparing for System Design interviews.

Topics Covered Include:
1. What is Performance and Scalability?
2. How to quantify Performance?
3. Latency vs Throughput
4. Performance vs Scalability
5. Dimensions for Scalability
6. System Design – Performance View
7. System Design – What Impacts Performance?
8. System Design – Birds Eye View?
9. Performance Engineering – Quadrant
10. Performance Test/Evaluation
11. Performance Monitoring
12. Performance Diagnostics / Tuning
13. Performance Trade Offs
14. MySQL Framework Perf Issue – Example
15. Capacity Sizing 16. Summary

Suva Sharma
Suva Sharma
VP, Digital Transformation, BayOne Solutions
Guest Speaker:
Apurba Patra
Apurba Patra
Senior Performance Engineer, Workday
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