The Future of Product Management

presented by BayOne Webinar Series

At BayOne, we have started the “Future of Work” series because jobs are changing in different industries. Since last year we’ve seen the Product Management role evolve into one of the hottest jobs. We want to see why is that happening? Years ago there were lots of program managers and business analysts. All that has gone away, and now it’s all product management. That’s why we want Product Management to be the first in our “future of work” series. This Panel will explore how to get into the product & evolution of product management, and how you can get involved!

Ashish Jain is a product visionary and strategist in mobility, identity, and security product development. He is currently the Chief Product Officer at Arkose Labs. Previously he was the head of Identity at eBay.

Travis Killion is an executive at Vitamin World, leading eCommerce. With over a quarter-century of working with Internet technologies, Travis has held roles in business management, product management, and technology management. From startups to large companies, he has created digital products and services across many types of domains including real estate, online/remote work, retail, eCommerce, and loyalty.

Nidhi Wadmark She is a principal product manager at PayPal. She has extensive experience in payments, healthcare, financial services, eCommerce, capital markets, and management consulting. She also leads a chapter for Women in Product, serving as a mentor to aspiring and early product managers.

Megha Rastogi is a product leader with more than a decade of experience building innovative products at leading global companies, like Expedia, Yahoo, Verizon, SurveyMonkey. Currently, she is a Lead Product Manager at SurveyMonkey managing Machine Learning capabilities and Identity and Access Platforms.

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