JavaScript Inheritance and Callback Patterns

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This Bootcamp covers the following two critical aspects of front-end engineering: JavaScript Inheritance Though JavaScript is considered an Object-Oriented Language, a key difference from other object-oriented languages is how objects can be created in JavaScript and how the inheritance is established. Without a solid understanding of JavaScript’s object model and its prototypal inheritance, one will have an extremely hard time in writing and maintaining a large scale JavaScript codebase.

Asynchronous JavaScript JavaScript executions are single-threaded, thus most of the operations are performed asynchronously, especially any IO, network operation. In JavaScript, functions are first-class citizens. Functions can be passed as an argument to another function, returned by a function as the return value. Passing function as an argument, which could be invoked is known as a callback pattern. This a great feature but could soon become a nightmare with nested callback functions. Promises seem to make code more readable but it’s tricky to get used to it. Thus, JavaScript introduced async/await which makes writing and reading JavaScript code that involves asynchronous operations, much easier.

Suva Sharma
Suva Sharma
VP, Digital Transformation, BayOne Solutions
Guest Speaker:
Sarbbottam Bandyopadhyay
Sarbbottam Bandyopadhyay
Senior Software Engineer, LinkedIn
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